So what is “Their Plan”

Their PLAN; is the removal of our borders, to convert our nation, first to be part of

the North American Union, then to join the United Nations New World Order.


Obama wanted you to have faith.

His plan?

OH! Obama wanted your children to learn Spanish so they can function in the

New “North American Union”, now that he is elected.

Now Obama claims it is time that all Americans learn Spanish,

for our new nation.


Your children can get summer jobs in San Bernardino, CA

“if” they are bilingual, so learn Spanish?

Americans really need not apply! Only Bilinguals accepted

to work in Burger King® and McDonalds®


This is happening more and more all over America.


This is not, and WILL NOT: become a Bilingual Nation,

as long as I can do something about it.


I have some words of advice to our Hispanic invaders,

and you won’t find these words in the dictionary.


Do you have faith; that you will survive this financial destruction of our nation?


McCain said; we have to support Free Trade policies,

 so other nations can compete with Americans.


If you won’t work for $2/hr, that’s your fault.