THINK ! Damn it, think.

Do you think for yourself?

Why did the housing situation crash in 2007?

Who instigated this failure?

Our government started exporting our jobs about 1970, bit by bit.

Does our government need you?

Do the very rich need you?

Every day we are told: We have a Global Emergency: We must stop using energy.

Yes the world is warming, (but not from CO2) Warming is touted as 2%, and we are being scammed.

Others say CO2 Carbon Dioxide) contamination is causing the world to warm out of control.

That’s one Carbon atom, linked to two Oxygen atoms.

Every breath you exhale is CO2, so stop exhaling, preserve the world: For the rich.

Do you actually believe this is an emergency? I do not.

There are too many people in the world.


You hear the term “Cap and Trade”.

Cap what?

“Your use of energy, are you ready to stop using energy? Are you ready to turn off your Refrigerator, your Freezer, turn off 90% of the electrical usage in your home, turn off Air Conditioning, fans, any electrical appliances in your home? In the winter are you ready to set your thermostats at 60 degrees? Are you ready to get rid of your car?

Are you ready for One 25 watt light bulb hanging from a cord in the middle of the ceiling? That was the 1920’s.

Obama claims we must stop using meat for Food that, cattle produce so much Methane that harms our environment, that we must stop eating Beef or any animals for food. Well Dairy Cattle are Beef, should we stop using Milk, stop eating Cheese, stop using Milk for anything, and kill off the Diary Cows? Think.

Taxes invented to force us to use less of something, what if the start taxing all Beef and Dairy products to make you stop using these foods?

We have Dumb Ass Obama as our President.


Trade what?

“Trade your money”, for being “allowed by the Government” to use any energy that creates what these non-scientists type call Global Warming.

What education has Al Gore had in science, to demand we turn off America?

We have many non-scientist un-educated people on this bandwagon, claiming the Sky is Falling.

Yes the world is warming, but not from Human action.

Water vapor causes more temperature changes on earth than .0003.5% CO2.


Remember: How we were in a silent war against Communist Nations.

Remember: How we had to protect America from Communism.

Remember how: Richard Nixon, (an embarrassment to our nation), wined and dined the Chinese to convince them to

make Products to sell in the United States, to improve their economy at the expense of American jobs.


There is a super plan by many very rich people who plan to reduce our use of the Worlds resources, so that they and their descendants in the future will have what they need, to continue to live the elegant life style they deserve.


These very rich people do not need 99% of the worlds population to continue their life style, so who needs you?

Reducing the population, by starvation, is plan #1, in order to do that; The Rich have to reduce our rights to exist. Monsanto has a plan, just for YOU.


Disarm all Citizens, so all Citizens will surrender to a Greater Authority.

You will Surrender, and willingly so, as “Cowards”, because you did not believe me.


Onward Marching Soldiers:  

To a One World Government by the Trilateral Commission, the Rightful controllers, and users of the World.


You may exist to serve these rightful rulers, to provide for their needs, but not too many of us will be needed, maybe One Million people will survive to supply these needs. Are you going to be one of the needed Million? There will be some to develop and produce Oil and Gasoline, some to build elegant homes, to produce the food, to feed the Million, and the rich.


Some people will be needed to produce the appliances for the wealthy homes, you won’t need appliances, remember Global Warming, so you have to stop using energy.


The wealthy do not need TV or Radio, if they want entertainment, they will have the Knaves and Jesters provide that in the courtyards. The Rich may allow musicians to learn to amuse them.


I want you to think about what is really going on, on this planet, in our society. The very rich are taking over control of the entire world, to make sure the World Resources will exist when they need it.

They do not want you to waste all their needs for the future.