Tons of money, YOUR MONEY.


On June 22, 2004 our government delivered to IRAQ,

28 TONS of $100 bills, in cash, new bills, $2,401,600,000  

($2.4 Billion) of our money, handed out like candy

with no records of where it was going, to help the Iraq economy.

This required the Federal Reserve Bank of New York

to open on the Sunday before, so they could obtain all that cash.


Officials had to scramble to line up enough C-130 cargo planes to deliver the money.

There was NO accounting as to who got this money;

it was handed out in $100,000 bricks, cellophane wrapped.

“Our money”

That was a package the size of 74 Washing machines,

or 8’high X 8’wide X 40’long.

Can you even envision that much money in one lump sum?

A Ton equals 2000 pounds (for those of you who don’t know)


From March 2003 to June 2004 nearly $12 Billion had been sent to Iraq,

known as Development Funds.

This was reported on CBS “60 Minutes” program

on Sunday night Feb 12, 2006.

It’s reported that more than $8.8 Billion's

can’t be accounted for already.

Now imagine the USA has spent over $800 Billion so far on the war in Iraq.

That’s a lot of Hundred Dollar bills.

How much is that in bulk?

Imagine a stack of $100 bills, 8 foot high, 8 foot wide 750ft. long,

which would be $800 Billion.

Also see article in Readers Digest ® June 2006, page 43, The $9 Billion Heist.

That was just a start, all together,

we sent about $40 Billion in cash to Iraq,

all unaccounted for, a GIFT?


.   Something wrong? YOU BET?

How many of you could use an extra hundred dollars now, and then? 

$800 Billion!

That’s $2200 from every single American, infant to senior citizen

that we have already spent on the Iraq war, if you can call it a war.


America is in debt to the sum of 56 Trillion + Dollars.

That means America is bankrupt.

We/you are bankrupt.

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