“The New World Order”?

“What are the important claims in the New World Order?”


·        J. Edgar Hoover, ex-FBI director, on the New World Order conspiracy: “The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.”


·        George H. W. Bush’s comment: “If the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts.” (Sounds like a good idea to me)


·        1973 - Humanist Manifesto II: is published: "The next century can be and should be the Humanistic century...we stand at the dawn of a new age...a secular society on a planetary scale....As non-theists we begin with humans, not God, “nature not deity”...we deplore the division of humankind on nationalistic grounds....Thus we look to the development of a system of “world law” and a “world order” based upon transnational federal government....The true revolution is occurring."

·        Note the elimination of God in the future planning of the Humanist Manifesto


So! How do we end this treason”? Elect an Independent President in 2008.


We must protect our nation, and if it requires violence to achieve that, so be it, or do you just want to SURRENDER to the New World Order, with no Constitution, or Bill of Rights anymore, total domination by the New World Order, and you will “behave or else”?


http://educate-yourself.org/nwo/   >>> Read reports:


The “New World Order” is based upon removing all borders of all nations, for open migration of all people in the world, first to remove our borders, to make The United States part of the North American Union, then on to a One World Government, no more sovereignty of any nation, all area’s unarmed. Total migration of anyone anywhere, Muslims invading all European nations to spread Islam, and terror if you don’t obey.

The “European Union” is the start of the “New World Order”; totally open borders like we have between our states in the United States.

All our nations Police, will be United Nations personnel


“Only the One World Government would be armed”, and who are they?

The United Nations troops, who directs all this action?

THEY, are the “Trilateral Commission (Bilderberg.org),” a group of very rich and influential people who want total domination of the world, to reduce the population.

Globalization: Part of this New World Order

Our politicians want to spread the graft around the world. Our government says “To hell with American workers”. The recent (French) Airbus contract by America would have employed at least 50,000 citizens, and you wonder why I’m telling you our elected officials in Washington are selling out America. When are you going to wake up? Now March 8th 2008 our government reports that at least 100,000 jobs were lost in February 08, 100,000 lost in March 08, other reports (Boston.com) listed job loss’s at over 100,000/mo. before February 08, and that many, for “3 months in a row”. That’s another 300,000 laid off November to January, what are we going to do in America? “America is being sold”. “Are you outraged?”

GLOBALIZATION: is part of that plan, so that there is only one government, controlled by the,

  One World Government.


The idea is that if all nations are unarmed, no more wars. Just “obey” all commands, and “We all live in peace”.  There will be no Demonstrating against the United Nations.

The idea is that if all nations are unarmed, no more wars. Just “obey” all commands, and “We all live in peace”.  There will be no Demonstrating against the United Nations.


There would be total domination of all laws, all laws decided by the Trilateral Commission, no questioning of any law, you will obey or else. NO objecting allowed.

There will be a common currency; there will be total control of all citizens with one banking system.


There will be no private ownership of any property, all property will belong to, and be controlled by the government. (Unless you are someone important) no more gasoline wasted on you, only important government officials may drive private automobiles; you can use your bicycle to get to work. General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler going, going, gone.

No more voting for anything, the government knows what is best, and you will obey.


Are you ready for Road Blocks on our highways, or stopping you on the streets of our nation, for the Troops to check your ID? They do this already to check for Drunks, and they can do it anytime they want, just to make sure anyone who doesn’t like the “New World Order”, can be detained to make room for those who submit peacefully.  They certainly do this in other nations, why not here. Out in the middle of the country, as you go around a curve, suddenly a police Road Block, no escape, if you turn around to run the other way, you’re dead meat. If you refuse to have an ID chip put under the skin on your arm, you will be sent to Detention until you submit.


Hey! If you elect a Republican or Democrat candidate, and you don’t listen to all the warnings about this problem, because you don’t care about the security of The United States of America. Thanks, but no thanks. You are being told; are you listening?


It is time for responsible “Government”, we cannot give away what we can’t afford.

If you want “free”; someone has to pay for that, unless “you” are ready to volunteer to work for free, to give the fruits of your labor away to those who do not work.


I hope you love America enough to spend the time to review what the “Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission” is planning, to destroy the United States of America. THE “NEW WORLD ORDER”


Now the International Monetary Fund is worried that the United States will not be able to support all the poor nations. Aren’t you sad about that?


The “NEW WORLD ORDER” intends to do away with “our” borders, to have others tell us how to run our country, to tax us to support third world countries. We continue to give money to the United Nation’s, a group that intends to end American Sovereignty. Some of this is already happening. Do you want that future for your country?


Their plan is to move people from country to country, to co-mingle, to convince us that, is the only moral way for society to live, mixed, under ONE government,


Now, I do understand a bit of what they are trying to do. People from all over the world have immigrated in to the United States, and we all get along so far. DON’T WE? If all peoples of the world lived in similar communities, then we would not want to go to war against any other nation. We would have all assimilated. Sounds good on the surface, but unless we have equal employment and equal living conditions worldwide, this won’t work. Maybe in another 100,000 years it will work, but not in today’s world. We do not have a perfect nation with different trouble free communities. There are still problems in some of our mixed ethnic communities. Since we have people from Turkey in the United States and Armenians also here, they will not fight each other in America! Must be a mistake somewhere, we are all supposed to love each other in America. Where have we gone wrong? Where will the United Nations go wrong? If we move Jewish and Palestinians to the same community, certainly they will get along with each other! What that hasn’t worked? My goodness, do you think something is wrong with the plan?


We must get out of the ”United Nations”, the billions of dollars we give them each year go mostly to countries that hate America. If in doubt, please check out on the Internet by entering “search for: “Trilateral Commission”, it will totally chill you, see web sites below. 

We contribute to the International Monetary Fund, that money then goes to other countries that need financial help. These of course, are mostly nations who hate America. This whole system is crooked, and destroying America. Then “our government” is forgiving those loans ($89 Billions), since these poor countries can’t afford to repay us. We take money from poor Americans to send to the rich in poor countries.

Now look at   (active in 2008)


http://www.bilderberg.org     Super important site to check out.

http://www.bilderberg.org/trilat.htm   “David Rockefeller’s mission”


Get MAD! Are you mad yet?


WHY? To end the sovereignty of The United States.

NO more “United” States of America.


Wake up Americans, defend our nation, and Elect an “Independent candidate” that cares what happens to our sovereignty. We must stop this inflationary spiral “NOW”.

You have been downsized, and inflation is killing America, ready to fight back NOW?

This started in 1964 when we stopped backing our money with Silver.


What is going to happen? As our nation downsizes, exporting more and more production, laying off more and more citizens, who can buy less and less, this will continue to snowball until we face the collapse of the Stock Market, more and more factories close, more stores close, more loss by employees of being able to pay rent, more and more citizens homeless with families. Just like what happened in 1929-1934.

Unless we return employment to our nation, America will fail completely.


We fought WW II to protect our nation from invasion by Hitler, and other wars, starting from the Revolution, to have a unique government unlike any other in the world.

We have advanced science and technology to a degree not even dreamed of 100 years ago. If we don’t continue to protect our nation, “we will lose it all”.


You are in total denial, if you don’t believe this is happening to our nation, you are not paying attention to what is happening to our sovereignty.

We are about to lose our nation, it is time for you to open your eyes and see what these politicians are planning for our future.

This website is the most important information for you, please read and consider all I’m trying to do for “you”.

Even if you are certain you will not elect me, you need to know what is happening to our nation, and your future, if you don’t fight back right now.


We must stop this; join with me to reverse the destruction of our nation.


The schools in Los Angeles, California have just announced that they are going to start teaching children to speak Chinese, starting as young as Kindergarten. Preparing our children for the new controlling government. We haven’t taught all the children in our schools English yet. Half the children in Los Angeles schools speak Spanish, and no English, yet they want to teach Chinese. NO WAY.