I plan to start a new system of highways for trucks

to have their own highways, apart from passenger cars.

Too many fatal accidents occur when trucks, and cars collide with today’s highway system.

This makes as much sense as allowing cars to drive on Railroad right of ways,

or train track down the middle of our nation highways.


If you think we have a drug problem now, wait until there is no actual border with Mexico anymore.

We already have Mexican trucks entering our country with only about 10% searched for drugs.


Nov 2007.  Immediate problems now.

Obama wants to allow Mexican truck-drivers access to all American highways,

stopped for now, but NO WAY, help me to stop this.

Mexico’s president Felipe Calderon says:

Mexico’s borders do not end at the border, but extend to:

Wherever there is a Mexican citizen, there is a Mexico. Bull:


America Truck Drivers rebel, block the highways,

unite to stop this invasion of Mexican trucks and drivers,

block our highways,

or any Mexican truck that you find stopped anywhere.


Now they are planning to build a super freeway THE SUPER SLAB,

from Southern Mexico, where ports of entry are being built,

then all the imports will come north on this super highway to Kansas City.

Only Mexican Truckers will be allowed to deliver all loads to Kansas City,

that Super Highway will be Mexican property from the border to Kansas City,

and only then will those trucks be searched for contraband,

1200 miles inside what was our southern border.

Totally irresponsible on the part of our government.

There again, this is part of “The” PLAN.


The NAFTA Super highway, called the "SuperSlab". See # 54


Our government now wants to allow Mexican truck drivers to drive all over our nation,

to compete with American truck drivers, Truck drivers revolt.

Vote for Don Cordell in 2020 to stop this.

Now is your chance to make a change in our government,

elect an average citizen who cares about all of the “common” people in this country.

Bush is an example of the Oil Rich of Texas, being indifferent to the non-rich.

With “your” vote, I’ll retake America, for the “citizens” of The United States.


(“Regular gas/Diesel $1.29/Gal, See # 44 below”)


I will offer the oil producing nations $20/barrel for their oil,

or they won’t sell any to “anyone”.

I will blockade their nation until they accept our offer.

They will not buy anything, from anywhere,

unless those products are increased by the same inflation rate that OPEC

raised the price of OIL above $2 a barrel.