I don’t want Change,

I want to Un-Change.

I want to Backup, and return America "to the life"

we had in the past when coming to America

was the desire of immigrants to “join our nation”,

to be proud to become an American citizen,

to learn English, and assimilate to our way of life.

I remember how proud we felt to see our children

enter adult life, and do better than we did.

That’s over, now the kids are moving back in to our homes,

hoping they can live with us, until our home is foreclosed.

We are going the wrong direction:

Let's move forwards and restore America!


The America that had opportunities:

and a chance for a better life. Now gone?


We have candidates now claiming “it's only words”,

and repeating previous candidates promises.

Well I’ll go “way back” to the promises made:

“A chicken in every pot, a car in every garage” (1932).

You may have a car, but no gas to go anywhere,

you can walk to the poor house.

It took Roosevelt to give us this promise,

not Herbert Hoover who made this statement,

even though Roosevelt had to give us

a touch of Socialism to achieve this goal.

Chicken in the pot? No! Chicken Tenders from McDonalds®.


What actually brought us out of the Depression in the 30’s?

The budget for WW II production, nothing else!

Then the amount of men who died in the war

did not come back to jobs that didn’t exist.

When about 1 million men were killed,

that certainly made a difference when the war was over.


When times in America were financially hard,

“Chicken was a Sunday treat for the family”.

I’m afraid those times are coming to our nation again.

Even hamburger is priced out of many family budgets.

Fish used to be a substitute for more expensive meats,

now Fish is priced out of many food budgets.

Tomato’s actually $3.00/lb, unbelievable,

it is only going to get worse.

What is happening to my America?

(tasteless Tomato’s from Mexico?)

There are still a few wonderful things,

like I recently found canned Tomato’s for sale in Big Lots,

actually canned by a company in Elwood, Indiana.

Wow! good Indiana tomato’s.

I love Indiana. Now if I could only find canned Asparagus,

grown and canned in Washington state, instead of from Peru.

I love all of America,

if only I can find things grown or made in America.


Now, I know there are some jobs where employees are making a lot of money,

but these jobs are not filled by the millions of middle class citizens

that use to work in our factories.

I want those jobs returned to our nation,

I will block the imports of all those products

that interfere with that need.

I want those foreign manufactures,

who are now producing in the United States;

to keep the profit they earn, in the United States.

I do not want any property or manufacturing in America

to be foreign owned.

Protect America now.