20 Aug. 09 to 2019

Unemployment rate CA 14 %, MI 8.9%, RI 8.5%,

(1,400,000 Californians now jobless, have they lost their homes too?)

Things are going to get worse,

because thatís 30 million Americans

who are not spending any money for anything,

which affects local business, and mortgage payments. Will you be next?


Unemployment in many cities is worse, up to 40%,

or more, in many cases there are NO jobs in our cities.

Why are people unemployed?

Because the employer either had to downsize due to lack of business/sales,

or that company is moving production out of the United States.


For each person lain off, that snowballs,

you have no money to buy anything, cars, furniture,

clothing, food, housing, and a million other things.

Those companies that made what you can no longer afford to purchase,

then have to reduce production, or cease production completely.

Soon they lay off some of their employees and this continues

until we are back to the huge unemployment

of the 1930ís depression.


Two companies (Price Pfister and Standard Wheel)

closed in the San Fernando area of Los Angeles,

and moved to Tijuana, Mexico,

they laid off about 2000 American employees.

Just two, of thousands of companies that left the USA.


If they make their product in Mexico,

they can sell their product in Mexico,

do not buy their products in America.

Now Whirlpool is closing their plant in Evansville, IN

and moving production to Mexico.

Do not buy any product made by Whirlpool,

until they return to America.