Last “Veterans Day”and this Memorial,

we all displayed, waved our Stars and Stripes,

to honor those who gave everything to serve/save this nation,

so that we could celebrate this day in memory of those Veterans’

VETERANS that didn’t come home, and those who served our nation so proudly.

Did they fight or die in vain, ONLY to be forgotten?


You don’t think this can happen? I hope in 2020,

I don’t have to say: 

“I told you so;

if you didn’t elect me”.

Obama was dead set on joining the New World Order,

and the G20 summit was the start of our surrender.

Visit the graves of our Veterans, and tell them;

“You don’t care enough”

to save our freedoms they died for,

to preserve this nation for you, and your family, and future descendants.


Won’t our Veterans be proud of you?

You just surrendered our nation.


So, you could have: “Elected an Independent candidate

that would have saved this wonderful nation for our future.