Attention: Youth in America

Video’s listed in the rest of the Video listings,

about the terrorist takeover of our nation,

and the disarmament of our citizens

for the takeover of our nation by the United Nations.

So I’d advise all of you to review this information.

Watch every one of these Videos and learn

what has happened to our nation 

If you’re a Young Citizen, and still in school,

this is especially important, if you want a future at all.

While you may not be thinking about when you’ll be 40 or 50,

this is YOUR future “I’m” concerned about.

I am glad to see that various schools in America

are logging on to this website.


See what is happening right now in your nation,

that you do not yet have a right to vote,

to save our nation, and this going to affect your future.


Are students in your school Hispanics,

who demand they be instructed in Spanish?


Are you being taught in Spanish,

so you can get jobs in our nation

after you graduate

and our national language is now



Many of you are fluent in searching sites on the internet,

so click on ”UNESCO”,

and see how our government plans on instructing you

in the New World Order,

(the destruction of the United States of America)

and these are the plans for your future.

Please click on the site below and spend 34 minutes

to learn how your future is being destroyed.

If we don’t stop this treason by our present leaders of our nation,

you have no future.

You will never be allowed to be more than minimum wage earners,

under control of the New World Order.

The United States of America will cease to be a free nation,

and we will have total Military control of our future

as slaves to the United Nations One World Government,

is that all you have to look forwards to?

Not if you and your friends get the word out all over America

to see that I’m elected as your next president.

Let's stop this treason. NOW.


View the following video that shows how you are being taught,

that the New World Order, United Nations is the correct way of life.

Teaching children, that the under the state law,

that Freedom was old fashioned,

and survival can only exist with the new laws of our world.

Teaching you, that only the government has the right to teach you,

no more home schooling.

(California is now demanding that all children must be schooled

in government approved schools, no more home schooling)

So watch this video about our future education system under the New World Order.

You are being reprogrammed to cooperate with UNESCO.  (30:31)


Now while that video is about your life as a student,

there are other very important n by our elected Leaders(?)

if you can call them leaders and not traitors.


If we Americans don’t protect this nation now, this is what you may be facing.

Share what you find here with your parents and older friends

who can vote, to review the facts I’m sharing with you.

I’m concerned that you have a future to look forwards to, too.

If you’re over 18, Vote to save our nation, or you will have no Freedom for your future.

Please pay attention to this information; it is “your future”.


I’ll probably be dead in the next 20 years; I hope you won’t be.

Many school districts in America are short on money;

schools are constantly trying to raise funds

to support education for the community.

I want our schools to have more benefits

to teach you the advanced education you are going to need

to face the future and to lead our nation

to be a leader in the future.


The Sciences, Chemistry, Electronics, Engineering, are the future of society,

we need to fund these pursuits, so we do not need to import

foreign employees with Visa’s to fill jobs Americans can’t do.

We still need the Butcher, the Baker, but no more Candle Stick makers.

We need Cooks, Seamstress’/Taylor’s, Auto Mechanics,

Painters, Plumbers, Machinist’s, Electricians

and all the Vocational trades, and more of them.


Bush said: “No child left behind”, but he didn’t fund that promise.

Our future is our children of today.

In another 20 years “You will be our nation”.

I want it to be a nation that still has the rights and benefits

our Constitution promised you.


Be concerned “now”, tomorrow will be too late.

Once you have lost these freedoms,

we will never again be able to return to our America,

as our founders of this nation established in 1787.